OnePortal Programs are designed with your business in mind to grow your monthly traffic and generate new customers in a phased approach.

Phase 1 Audience Growth

OnePortal will effectively and efficiently grow your audience list via our Open Internet prospecting on a CPC basis with the goal to get you to your desired list size and progress you to our Phase 2 Program.

What is an audience list? An audience list is a database of anonymized collected user profiles from people who have visited your site.

Why do you need to grow your audience list? To collect enough data and traffic to unlock an effective retargeting strategy.

Why OnePortal? We know that when you are building a brand, every dollar counts.

Phase 2 Managed Service

Congratulations! Now that your business has an audience list between 100,000 and 750,000, you can utilize our Phase 2 managed services to maximize your ROAS on the Open Internet via a Full-Funnel tailored customized strategy of prospecting and retargeting. The goal is to build your audience list beyond 1 million to progress you to our Phase 3 Program.

Why OnePortal? Our Client Strategy team will manage all aspects of your campaigns and strategy on a day-to-day basis allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Phase 3 Click-to-Home

You've mastered the Open Internet via prospecting and retargeting and are now ready to go to the next level in your business journey. The goal here is to build your audience list beyond 3 million users through our customized Phase 3 Program.

Why OnePortal? Our Professional Services team will conduct a strategic audit and devise a plan for continued growth and optimized ROAS.

Phase 1

Audience List Size:

<100,000 current monthly users

Phase 2

Audience List Size:

100,000 to 750,000 current monthly users

Phase 3

Audience List Size:

750,000+ current monthly users

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