OnePortal Programs are designed with your business in mind to grow your website's monthly traffic and generate new customers in a phased approach.

Phase 1


Monthly Website Users

Phase 1 - Growth

OnePortal’s Phase I goal is to grow your monthly website traffic. On a typical day, Internet users will not only spend time on their favorite social media sites, but also traverse numerous other websites. As they do, OnePortal is able to identify and target these users to drive traffic to your site.

Once your monthly website traffic surpasses minimum thresholds, a retargeting strategy can then be deployed thereby enabling you to retarget your traffic on both social media and website publishers. It is at this point where your marketing budget can substantially increase its yield.

Why OnePortal? We know that when you are building a brand, every dollar counts.

Phase 2

100,000 to 1 million

Monthly Website Users

Phase 2 - Performance

OnePortal’s Phase 2 strategy is specifically designed for clients whose monthly website traffic is greater than 100,000 visitors per month. Our approach for Phase 2 clients consists of two components – prospecting and retargeting. By observing various demographic and psychographic attributes from the users who have made a purchase, or completed a conversion activity on your website, we are able to generate lookalike audience pools to drive to your site. Similarly, additional learnings are applied to your retargeting campaigns to keep your products and services top of mind with your customers to ultimately steer them towards a purchase.

For our clients where our Phase 2 strategy is deployed the goal is to maximize your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). To achieve this requires close coordination with your marketing team, long-term strategic planning and daily oversight of your business activity.

Why OnePortal? Our Client Strategy team will manage all aspects of your campaigns and strategy on a day-to-day basis allowing you to focus on other areas of your business while we drive your performance on the Open Internet.

Phase 3

>1 million+

Monthly Website Users

Phase 3 - Branding

You've mastered the Open Internet via prospecting and retargeting and are now ready to go to the next level in your business journey. The goal is to build your brand awareness via increasing your website traffic beyond 1 million users a month through our customized Phase 3 Program.

Why OnePortal? Our Client Strategy team will conduct a strategic audit and devise a plan for continued growth and optimized ROAS.