Our Story

I wish I could tell you that we started our company from our freshman dorm room during college and raised a gazillion dollars in venture capital. That would have been really cool.

Instead, OnePortal was started by four regular guys who believe in working hard, always putting the customer first and that slow and steady wins the race. We also happen to all love the advertising space.

We believe in the power of advertising and the everlasting impact it can have--whether it’s a change the world moment like the Apple Macintosh ad from 1984 or the endlessly humorous Budweiser commercial showing a group of friends call each other and shout “Wassssuuuuupppp!” into their phones.

We also believe in the value that advertising provides. It enables social media to exist and provide, free of charge, the ability to host endless streams of videos and photos and to connect with long lost friends and relatives from across the globe. It also enables the Internet to largely remain free of charge. It allows children and people of all ages to access the same information regardless of socioeconomic background. Most importantly, it allows for a free press.

Not to be overlooked, advertising also provides those moments of serendipity. Though few people may admit to it or even realize it, advertisements can play a huge role in helping find those perfect suede pumps or that really cool wireless gaming headset. And let’s not forget that many small businesses rely on advertising to drive business and keep their staff employed.

As a small business with less than twenty five employees, we know this well.

We also know that the digital advertising industry can be complicated. It can also be tumultuous. Just in the last two years we’ve seen privacy changes and the elimination of cookies dramatically impact the ability of businesses to gauge performance of their marketing spend.

That’s why we started OnePortal. To help our clients navigate the dynamic digital advertising landscape and to transform their terabytes of marketing data into information to help guide their business.

We’re here to help. It’s what we enjoy doing.



Paxton Song


About Us

OnePortal, is a digital advertising application that combines real-time bidding with human expertise. We help companies take their digital advertising beyond search and other social media platforms.

Our multi-channel solution leverages proprietary technology to make it easier for companies to expand their presence on the Open Internet.

Our application provides access to premium inventory, with advanced audience targeting capabilities, operating as a flexible extension of your business and partners with clients to deliver results.

Leadership Team

Paxton Song CEO

Paxton has a passion for building companies and for e-commerce, marketplaces, and AdTech. He leads OnePortal with over 20 years of experience in the industry. A serial entrepreneur, Paxton also founded, Veruta, the first US-based company to offer personalized remarketing where he also was awarded a patent for the tracking and monetization of display ads.

Paxton is a former professional golfer and holds a BSBA in Finance from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, and an MSIS/MBA from the same school.

Dave Lienemann Co-Founder, SVP Strategic Partnerships

Dave has worked in the advertising industry for over 15 years. Beginning on the publishing (SSP) side then to the demand (DSP) side through various AdTech companies. Working in AdOps, Account Manager and Director roles he has a broad knowledge of the digital marketing process. He is also a Partner and Principal Trader at D&D Investments, a financial investment company.

At OnePortal, Dave oversees the Strategic Partnerships team, Account Management team, AdOps team and develops the tailored campaign strategy for clients. Outside of work he is deeply involved in the San Francisco music and art scene, as well as, nonprofit work helping inner-city youth around the Bay Area.

Steve Wharton Co-Founder, VP Strategic Partnerships

Steve is an AdTech industry veteran with more than 15 years of industry experience. He is a Pandora Radio alumnus where he worked with the performance advertising team. Steve has a penchant for e-commerce and starting entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also Founder and President of SAW Ventures LLC, a holding company for various e-commerce companies, which includes DadThat.com, an e-commerce company that supports Dads as positive role models for their kids. Pre-COVID, he was a regular panelist and speaker for events like Brand Week, Cannes Lions, SXSW, and CES.

At OnePortal Steve leads our Strategic Partnership team in building our company initiatives, partnership development and overall business expansion. Away from work, Steve is a husband, father of three children, and is also a part-time SAG actor and failed stand-up comedian.

Zacharie Nicolet Sr. Strategic Partnerships Manager

Zach works directly with each client, from initial integration and campaign management, to in-depth reporting and account strategy. Having spent his post-graduate years playing golf at a professional level, he is an athlete at heart, bringing that same level of focus and passion to the field of client partnerships.

With a B.A. in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton, Zach has worked with FiT, Ultimate Ears and Logitech. He spends his free time riding motorcycles, playing golf and traveling.