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Why OnePortal?


We offer 24 hour reporting with full access to campaign data and metrics via our application. We also leverage world-class deterministic attribution using the Google Data Pipeline to ensure trusted & verified data unlike other platforms that use their own probabilistic attribution.


Our managed service team has over 20 years of industry experience, knowledge, and expertise in providing a "white glove" service. Throughout each step of your digital media campaigns we provide ongoing auditing, consulting services and apply best-practices that deliver results.


Easily test new channels and run A/B experiments with access to over 80 exchanges and a private marketplace. OnePortal can help scale any size business.


OnePortal is an extension of your team that takes the complexity out of programmatic ad buying, giving you more time to focus on the rest of your marketing strategy and team.


OnePortal is a no hidden fee, no black box digital advertising agency & platform.

Our proprietary technology utilizes Google's 1st party data and behavioral targeting to reach in-market consumers across the Internet.

We help your business discover and connect with the right customers at the right time through accurate deterministic attribution.



Dave Lienemann

CEO &  Co-Founder

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Dave has worked in the advertising industry for over 19 years. Beginning on the publishing (SSP) side then to the demand (DSP) side through various AdTech companies. Working in AdOps, Account Management, Director, VP and C-suite roles he has a broad knowledge of the digital marketing process. He is also a Partner and Principal Trader at D&D Investments, a financial investment company.
At OnePortal, Dave oversees all aspects of the business from; Client Partnerships, Engineering, Finance, Managed Advertising Services, AdOps, Marketing and develops the tailored campaign strategy for each client. Outside of work he is deeply involved in the San Francisco music and art scene, as well as, nonprofit work helping inner-city youth around the Bay Area.

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